Andrea Doria Exhibit

This year, the Boston Sea Rovers Show honors the 60th Anniversary of the sinking of the Andrea Doria with a special exhibit.

The Italian liner ANDREA DORIA, one of the most luxurious ships ever to sail, began service in January, 1953.  Built at a cost of 25 million dollars, she was a technological tribute to Italy’s advanced shipbuilding industry and carried the newest navigation, radar, and safety equipment.  The 700 foot long ship cruised at a speed of 25 knots and had accommodations for 1,825 passengers.  Filled with paintings, murals, sculptures and tapestries, the works of Italy’s most prominent contemporary artists, she was truly a ‘Floating Art Gallery’.

At 11:11, on the night of July 25, 1956, as she approached New York, the DORIA collided with the Swedish vessel STOCKHOLM. The STOCKHOLM remained afloat and returned to New York, but eleven hours later the DORIA sank to the bottom.  The wreck now rests on her starboard side in 250 feet of water approximately 50 miles south of Nantucket Island, MA.

Goblets by Steve Gatto

Members of the Atlantic Wreck Divers and Boston Sea Rovers have made hundreds of dives on the wreck. The exhibit features recovered artifacts including the ship’s bell, helm, china, dishes, crystal, silverware and much more.


Boston Sea Rovers