Letter from the President

Looking Forward to a Great Show in 2019!

For the past 64 years, the Boston Sea Rovers have been dedicated to raising awareness of the underwater world. Throughout the year our all-volunteer club toils tirelessly to bring you the best of the best in scuba education, underwater filmmaking, travel, scientific discoveries and much, much more. In recognition of their hard work, I’d like to thank everyone that helps make the show a big success each year.

Raising the level of awareness of the underwater world has always been the Boston Sea Rovers mission. In these challenging times of budget cuts and deregulation of industry, the oceans are in need of your help more than ever. Regardless of what side of the aisle you stand on, if you’re a fan of our mission, then we can use your help in protecting this incredible natural resource we all love so much. Your attendance alone helps and is greatly appreciated, but each and every one of us can do a little more. This year, inspired by Jo Ruxton’s lm, A Plastic Ocean, from which she showed highlights at the Film Festival last year and is being presented in its entirety this Sunday at 1 PM, we decided to start reducing single-use plastic at our show. Thanks in large part to our sponsors: Backscatter, East Coast Divers, The National Marine Life Center, and Reef & Rainforest, we’re giving out 2,500 aluminum water bottles that you can fill with water at the back of the presentation rooms and at water fountains throughout the show rather than using single-use plastic cups as had been done in years past. After this weekend, please sport your water bottle proudly throughout the year as you go on dive charters, to the beach, to work, etc. and help spread the word about the Boston Sea Rovers and our mission.

Ethan Gordon

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