Gillis, DJ

DJ Gillis is a veteran commercial diver and pile driver, working out of the Pile Drivers Local 56. He has had extensive experience as an offshore diver working in the Gulf of Mexico and as an inland diver working on river and harbor projects around New England. In 1999, he was part of an elite team of divers sent on a dry penetration job to the end of the pitch-black, oxygen-starved, nearly 10-mile-long Deer Island Outfall Tunnel under Massachusetts Bay. Their job was to rescue the stymied Boston Harbor Project, which would ultimately transform Boston Harbor from the dirtiest harbor in America to one of its cleanest. DJ is a central real-life character in the new nonfiction book about that tunnel mission, TRAPPED UNDER THE SEA, by Neil Swidey, and he will be joining Swidey at the Sea Rovers conference to discuss the mission.